Stickman Hookman: Swing and Jump Like Spiderman

Stickman Hookman is a free-to-play online game where you can get some practice swinging and jumping. The game has a few upgrades available that will give you extra height and speed, like the Point Launch and the Point Launch Boost skills.

Swinging is based on momentum. Jumping at the peak of your momentum is what makes you go faster, but getting that timing right can be tricky.


Become a spider hero in this game that lets you swing like the Marvel superhero. Swing from hook to hook and make incredible jumps while avoiding obstacles. It’s up to you to find the best way to pass each level.

There are tons of games centered around stick figures in the internet. From FPS and 2D platformers to racing and RPGs, you can find a game in almost every genre that involves a stick figure. There are also plenty of stickman sniper games, such as the popular Henry Stickmin series that features a crazed sniper battling other stick figures.

In this game, you have to help a light blue stickman character in a gray pot use a pickaxe to move across pink platforms and bypass obstacles until they reach the final flag at the end of each level. Time each movement carefully so that the hero doesn’t fall into sharp spikes or deep mine shafts.


You can swing through each level in this fun and colorful game. Use your mouse to extend the hook, then swing around the stage and across barriers to reach the finish line. Avoid things like flying stickman foes that shoot energy beams in your face or seesaws that will throw you off balance.

There are plenty of fun Free Stickman Games to play online, but some of the most popular ones are fighting games, 2D platformers, and shooting games. For example, you can fight epic battles as a hardened stick figure in Vex 5 or test your skills as a sniper in Finger Fury Flashmaster. There are even Henry Stickmin games that allow you to run through a storyline full of crazy situations and make your own decisions. Many of these games are played through by Youtubers for their audience’s entertainment. They tend to be action-packed and full of silly humor.


Jump through the air like a superhero and avoid obstacles with this fun arcade game. Just tap to hook, then swing and perform incredible jumping stunts! Try to reach the finish line without hitting any barriers.

There are many different genres of stickman games, but they all have one thing in common: the player plays as a stick figure! There are 2D platformers, FPS games, and even some action-packed sniper games.

In the miner-themed platformer Stickman Climb, players must help a light blue stickman character in a dark gray pot use a pickaxe to move across pink platforms and bypass obstacles until reaching a flag at the end of each level. Time the movements carefully to prevent the stickman from falling into mine shafts and other deadly traps. Players can also respawn their character at the last checkpoint if they fail to reach the flag in a given level. There are dozens of levels to play through, so this game is sure to keep you hooked!

Avoid Obstacles

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, swinging is the star of the show. Insomniac knows that its player base will spend a lot of time traversing Manhattan, and the studio has created an experience that embraces this.

The basic swinging mechanic is relatively simple — hold R2, release, and repeat. But the timing of this cycle can be critical to your success. It’s important to land a jump as Spidey begins his swing, and it’s equally crucial that you exit a wall run at the right moment. You’ll also get more boost from Zip to Point and course-correcting Web Zip when you hit them just right.

Aiming for these moments is where true mastery of swinging comes into play. The result is a fluid movement that feels as natural as it does in real life, and one that’s as exhilarating. But the stakes are high if you don’t get these fundamentals down pat. A single mistake can cost you a ‘Continue’, a key resource that lets you resume a run without losing your initial progress.