Homework is an essential part of a student’s life. It plays an important role in their career. Students have to do homework on different subjects on their daily basis, according to their streams and grade. They have to do homework from school to college.

Many children consider school work as Slavery because they are not willing to work and they think they are forced to do homework. If you are a student you have to do homework and have to make assignments given by the teachers or professors. But sometimes teachers give too much school work and assignments to the aspirants that they feel stressed and overburdened by this and take homework as slavery and also get Matlab homework help.

Slavery is when a person does something on someone’s order, works under someone, or being forced to do work. Slavery is banned almost in all countries. Now the question arises, Is homework slavery? We discuss this topic below.


First of all, we discuss what exactly slavery is? Slavery is a term in which an individual owned by others who control where they live and what work they do. This is also another name of labor. Slavers are generally uneducated and they are forced to do work under harsh conditions. They are even paid less for the work they do. They do not have any freedom to make any decision or to make any choice and they have to follow the commands or decisions given by their masters. It is a kind of exploitation of slaves by the owner.

So, this is what slavery called. Now we learn how slavery and homework slavery is different from each other. But first, we discuss homework is slavery or not.


If homework is slavery, then why?. Many aspirants consider homework as a form of slavery. They think homework is forced work given by the teachers as they are not willing to work. Sometimes teachers punish the students if they do not complete their homework on time, so they do it under compulsion and feel stressed and by it. Moreover, they are overburdened by the schoolwork as they have to complete the homework, not in one subject but in all subjects, thus they do not get time to play and for other activities. That is why they consider homework as slavery.

But homework does not fulfill the single essential of slavery. Slavery is when you do some work by force and that is compulsory for you to do, you do not have another choice.

However, Homework is not compulsory. The intention of giving homework to aspirants is to ask that they revise what they learned in school otherwise they forget the concepts. If the student does not do homework, this will affect their grades on the other hand if slavers do not work, they have to face difficult circumstances. So, the answer to the question Is Homework Slavery is NO.


First of all, Homework helps the students to organize their timetable, they can study properly before exams and it also helps in enhancing their grades. In homework, you have the choice to do it or not, but in slavery, you do not have any choice. Homework makes you educated and ethical in the form of studies. It has lots of benefits and you can learn a lot of skills. Schoolwork also helps you to build your career and get management homework help.

Teachers give homework to the students so they can gain information and knowledge about the classwork they did in school. It will enhance their knowledge about the concept and the topic they are learning. The main intention of the teacher to give homework to children is Practice. The more they practice, they master in such a field. Homework is fully based on the phrase “PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT”.

Nowadays teachers also take care of not giving too much homework to the student so that they can focus on their overall development and get enough time to play and for other activities too. As some students can not concentrate or understand the concept in the class, that is why the teacher assigns the homework to the students. If they write and learn by themselves, it is easy for them to remember things in an easy way.


However, it is absolutely wrong and unfair to consider homework as slavery. Slavery is what you do without your own will. You can not say NO to your owner, you have to do what they command or order you. If you do not do so then you have to face strong and harsh hardships. Slavers are also paid less by the owner whereas homework helps you to do the study properly as well as helps in enhancing the grades. It makes you literate and helps you to build your career. Hence, this is inappropriate to compare homework with slavery.