The Ultimate Guide How to Use Custom Body Pillow Cases

Custom Body Pillow Cases are an amazing invention that you can use to improve your sleeping experience. They come in a variety of materials and colors and are easy to wash and dry. You can also choose a specific size. This is important because it is not uncommon for people to have different preferences in the way their pillows look.


One of the best ways to enjoy a movie on the big screen is to lay down a good quality body pillow. Besides, it can add decorative flair to your bed. But what size body pillow is right for you?

A standard body pillow case is 54 inches long and 20 inches wide. That’s quite a feat, but it can be made much more fun if you take the time to customize it with a few cool designs.

The best part is that it can be used on more than one pillow. So if you have two king pillows, you’re pretty well covered.

Depending on the shape of your pillow, your options range from the simple to the elaborate. Those with a large core can be purchased separately from the online retailer.

If you’re looking for the best way to dress up a bed, a custom body pillow case is the ticket. It’s also a great way to keep your pillow fresh. You can get a cover that’s made from tribute silk or peach skin velvet. And there are even some that come with a hidden zipper.

Choosing the right pillowcase can be a bit of a pain. But, a good quality custom cover can help you spruce up your bedroom in no time at all.

In fact, the proper sized pillowcase can prevent the stuffing from getting flattened. Another benefit is that it makes your pillows less likely to attract dust and other yucky stuff.

Considering that you are now equipped with the knowledge to purchase the best suited pillowcase for you, you can go on to the next step of selecting your favorite colors and fabrics.


Custom body pillowcases are great decorative items to add to your home. They are perfect for a gift or to personalize your bedroom or office. You can add a name, a picture or any other design you want.

You can get a customized pillowcase for your bed in a variety of colors and styles. Choose from white, black, silver, red, champagne, dark blue and light blue. All of them are incredibly decorative and they come in two sizes. The smaller one is only 25.6 inches long, while the longer version is 33.5″.

These pillows are perfect for teens and adults. They provide an incredible amount of comfort and they are perfect for watching movies and reading.

You can also get a custom body pillow case that features your favorite cartoon. A cartoon pillow is a great way to decorate any room. Kids can also enjoy the fun and whimsy of a cartoon. With a little imagination, you can create a personalized body pillow that is both cool and fun.

The material that is used to make these pillowcases will affect the softness and elasticity of the pillow. Most pillowcases are made from cotton or microfiber. Another option is polyester. Polyester is a less expensive alternative to other fill types. It is also less absorbent. However, it may wrinkle easily and leave non-permanent crease marks on your face.

Another popular material is silk. Although silk is hypoallergenic, it requires special care. To avoid the problem of dust clinging to your pillow, choose a fabric that is stain resistant and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a custom pillowcase to match your bedding, you’ll find a wide variety of designs at Vograce. Their pillows are designed to coordinate with your other bedding and they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and colors.


The best way to keep your custom body pillow cases clean and fresh is to give them a good wash every once in a while. This will ensure that your pillow will last longer and provide better support. You will also get more restful sleep with a clean space.

Most body pillows can be machine washed. However, some materials require special care, such as down and down alternative. These should be washed on a gentle cycle. Body pillows can also be dried using a dryer. But be sure to use a dry-safe detergent. Otherwise, you may end up with a clumpy down or feather.

The best way to clean a pillow is to use a mild detergent and a damp cloth. This will remove soap and dirt. After a good scrub, pat the pillow dry.Another good way to clean a pillow is by letting it air dry. This will kill bacteria and viruses. If you can’t get the pillow to dry, you can place it in the sun.

A washing machine can be used, but it can only do so much. You should avoid vigorous spinning, as this can damage the foam or latex. It is also a good idea to set your machine to a mild cycle.Some people prefer to hand wash their pillows. However, this can be tedious. So if you have a large number of pillows to wash, consider taking them to a laundromat. They can be washed in an industrial-sized machine.

For smaller stains, spot cleaning is usually the way to go. For larger stains, you can do a thorough wash. Using a mild detergent will help you to remove stains from your pillow, but be careful not to scrub too hard.


Buying a custom body pillow case is a wonderful way to create an elegant look for your home. They are available in two sizes and can be personalized with text or images. It’s a great way to turn your old couch into a dream.A custom body pillow case can be purchased in several different materials including microfiber, cotton and Egyptian cotton. Each of these is designed to provide full support for your head and body. The covers are also soft and breathable and are easy to wash.

When buying a dakimakura pillow make sure you read the label. This will tell you which types of washing to use and how to dry it. Depending on the material of your pillow, you may need to take it to a laundromat or place it in a front-loading washing machine. If you want to keep your pillow fluffy, put it in a dryer. The dryer will remove dirt and dust. You can also put it in the sun to kill any viruses that may be on it.

If you need to wash the pillow, use a mild detergent. Then, gently squeeze out the excess water. Do not soak it in the soap. Alternatively, you can use a damp clean cloth to rub it off. Repeat this process multiple times.

After rinsing the soap out, lay the pillow out to dry. Some pillows can be dried on a low heat setting. Others may need to be placed in a dryer for a longer period of time. To ensure that the soap is completely rinsed out, you can run a second rinse cycle in your washing machine.

Placement on the bed

The bed is the focal point of the room. If you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, one of the best ways to do it is with a few new decorative pillows. These come in a variety of styles and colors, and will help you to tie the rest of your bedding together. As you’re looking for the perfect decorative pillow, consider your body’s height and weight. A longer pillow is a good idea for people who are taller than average, while shorter folks may opt for a smaller size. In fact, the length of your sleeping pillows can dictate the amount of sleep you get, and could be the reason why you feel tired.

The right decorative pillow will be a nice touch, and will likely improve your sleep. For example, a small pillow between your knees can help maintain a neutral spine alignment, which is important to avoid back pain. Another option is a full-body pillow. While not the first choice for many, this is a good way to provide support to your neck, back, and thighs. A good choice for most is a rectangular-shaped body pillow, which is usually found in bedding stores. It measures 20 inches by 54 inches, which is on the large side for most adults, and should be able to keep you comfortable during the night. Alternatively, you can opt for a larger version, which can cover the distance from your chest to your ankles.

One of the most exciting parts of shopping for a new decorative pillow is choosing the right material to fill it with. You have options, including memory foam, down, and polyester.