Yoga Teacher Training in India 

Kundalini Yoga Ashram is situated on the bank of the holy river- Ganga and is surrounded by a lush green area. This Yoga Teacher Training in India is known for offering a variety of Kundalini courses, retreats and workshops not only in India but in other parts of the world as well. 

The primary agenda of our school is to awaken your kundalini energy – hidden sleeping energy.  Our school aims to enlighten you, encourage you, inspire you and transform you. Our school offers kundalini courses specialising in 200-hour, 300 hours and 500 hours yoga teacher training courses. These are all certified and affiliated with the International yoga alliance. Our school is dedicated to providing you with a pious environment to go beyond the physical and mental state of awareness to live life in everlasting bliss.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training in India 

Yoga teacher training in India offers an opportunity to learn from experienced teachers who have been practising yoga for years. It also provides a unique experience of submerging oneself in a different culture and tradition while comprehending the practice of yoga. With its wide range of options, India is an exemplary destination for those looking to become certified yoga teachers or exacerbate their learning about this ancient practice.

By enrolling in yoga teacher training in India, you can gain a thorough knowledge of the traditional roots of this practice as well as its modern adaptations. This will foster you to become capable teachers who can share knowledge with others around the world.

  • A distinct perspective on life
  • Nurturing a disciplined routine to stimulate a healthy way of life
  • Enriching use of practices like self-respect and respect for others, forgiveness and letting go, and connecting to the Divine, through the love of self.
  • The ability to lead and guide others towards the divine yogic journey
  • Whilst you are at the ashram you will pursue a yogic lifestyle.
  • Staying in a delicate part of Rishikesh, near enough to walk to the local markets, and famous bridges but far enough from the hustle and bustle to maintain inner peace, surrounded by lush jungles at the back of the ashram, enveloped from all directions with the mighty Himalayan mountains and the flow of the Ganga right on our doorstep.
  • You will be a Kundalini yoga teacher training with certification by Yoga Alliance under which you can obtain an international and  professional qualification to teach yoga worldwide
  • An opportunity for adventure sports such as trekking, mountain climbing, river rafting and more should you require
  • Outings to Ganga Arti, Kunjapuri, and Viashaista Caves.
  • You will be looked after by teachers with a combined experience of teaching yoga for over 20 years both internationally and on home soil.

We offer an immersive journey into the yogic concepts while evolving not only the teacher in you but also allowing you to find your inner self. We aim to create impactful transformations within the aspiring yogis who seek the same reaching out to those who have been seeking the path to self-realization and the real face of liberation.

Why we are different? 

The comprehensive yoga teacher training in India will aid you in deepening your connection with your inner self, thoughts, emotions or feelings. In this, you will be able to awaken Kundalini- energy that resides in your spine. This energy is often stimulated by External stimuli. Moreover, you will become an expert in activating kundalini energy through meditation techniques and kriyas and will also be able to integrate this knowledge into your practice. 

Let’s have a look at why Kundalini yoga teacher training in India tops among the best yoga teacher training in India-  

  • Experienced and highly qualified yoga teachers
  • Well-trained yogis
  • Thorough knowledge of anatomy, foundation and philosophy of asanas, deep breathing techniques 
  • Comprehensive curriculum that also covers yoga Nidra
  • Serene and the best location 
  • Situated in greenery 
  • Safe and secure place, especially for women and children 
  • Utmost hygienic, safe and family environment 
  • Spiritual, lifestyle and therapy-oriented yoga teacher training course
  • Less expensive 
  • Enhance your skill and experience in teaching 
  • Free lifetime Access to experienced kundalini practitioners in their subject fields of kundalini  Pranayam, Kundalini Kriya, Kundalini Meditation, Kundalini Anatomy, Kundalini Philosophy, and much more. 

The Bottom Line 

India is a great place to learn yoga. With its rich history and culture, it is the perfect destination for those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga. From ancient traditions like Hatha Yoga to modern practices like Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga, there are plenty of options available for yoga teacher training in India.

Yoga teacher training in India offers a wide range of courses and classes for all levels of practitioners. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, you can find something that meets your needs. From intensive yoga teacher training programs to immersive retreats, there is something for everyone at yoga teacher training in India.

In this article, we have discussed the things you will be able to learn during yoga teacher training in India. Hope you’ve understood it well.

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Stay healthy, stay strong and get the best out of life.

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