8 Signs that You & Your Partner doesn’t Enjoy Intimacy anymore

Intimacy is undeniably the basis of any relation. For achieving & sustaining extremely satisfactorily relation, both the partner should have an extremely good sex life as well. When the couples face difficulty in getting intimate with each other or they no longer enjoy it like before, then this is simply becoming quite a challenging situation that is impacting their relationship. Whenever one of the partners is not putting any effort to start an intimacy session or doesn’t seem to be quite interested, then this is the alarming sign that something is wrong in their relationship. Thus it is extremely crucial to understand the reasons why you are not feeling excited in thinking about intimacy with your partner.

Here are 8 indications that demonstrate the possibility of no longer enjoying intimacy with the partner.


Whether you and your partner are completely into the intimacy or you are experiencing something that is beyond your understanding, in case all the gestures of your love are just the routine and there is no excitement in it, you are required to address it seriously. This is something that has become quite mechanical and thus at times, you will find yourself disappointed in some way or other. When both of you don’t feel excited anymore about trying new things, and the passion in your relationship is missing then you should look into it.

Missing foreplay

This is something that might be sounding surprising to you but when you and your partner are just entering into the climax straightaway and foreplay is not present in your intimacy session, then this is a sign of alertness. At times, there can be a situation when you are tired or stressed, but missing foreplay doesn’t happen in that way. The intimacy should not be treated like the task to be done.

Sleeping early

When either of the partners is sleeping early without any communication or more frequently and giving excusing that they are quite tired or stressed out and thus sleeping early, this is a clear indication of missing excitement in your relationship. So in case, it has become a routine chore that one of the partners is sleeping early, this might be the sign of the diminishing excitement in the relationship. Sometimes Men are Sleeping Early, Because of they had Suffer from the Issus of Erectile Dysfunction. But Fildena 100 and Fildena 120 Pills help you to Combat this Issues.

Touch becomes irritating

This is one of the biggest red flags when the partner starts finding it a touch bit irritating. Just pecking on cheeks or touch them makes them annoying and they communicate clearly to you that they are irritated by such gestures. So this means that your partner is not feeling enjoyable by being intimate with you.

No fantasizing about partner

When you stopped fantasizing about your partner anymore, this means you are not excited about the idea of being intimate with him/her. Although everything that is being imagined and practiced is solely up to the individual but certainly we fantasize about the things that we truly enjoy. So when you are not fantasizing about your partner anymore or don’t feel like having butterflies in your tummy while thinking about intimate moments, this can be a sign of missing excitement in your relationship.

No frequent hugs and cuddling

This is also another indication of the missing intimacy in your relationship. So when the hugs, cuddling have not become that much routine as it was and this is something which is hurting you, then try to figure out the reason for this. At times, it could be due to stress, exertion, however, if it is occurring for a longer duration than expected, then there is no need to be just quiet and communicate with your partner clearly about it. Physical touch plays an extremely crucial role in maintaining intimacy in any relationship. This is something that is serving as the indicator that both the partners are quite passionate about each other.

One partner initiates intimacy

At times, it might be possible that one of the partners is always coming forward to begin intimacy, however, efforts have to be made from both ends. When you are a person who never intimate intimacy with a partner, this might be due to the lack of inspiration or passion. So you don’t look forward to it anymore every night and you are more delighted to watch your favorite show on the television. In case this is what is happening to you, then it is most appropriate to put efforts to get into the intimate mood and you and your partner can intimate foreplay turn wise.

Missing comfortable

Two individuals will never be capable of having enjoyable and satisfying intimacy sessions when they are not comfortable with one another. The missing comfortable can be due to some kind of disease or maybe feeling depressed or exhausted. At times, the self-esteem of the individual is becoming too high and they no longer are capable of feeling relaxed and enjoying while having sex with the partner.

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Final words

Try to find out the most appropriate reasons for it. Although it’s not that much easier and can’t be extremely tricky, so now you can have a look at 8 indications which are demonstrating possibility that you no longer are enjoying intimacy with your partner.