Easiest Ways To Protect From Erectile Dysfunction

Man is to have a desire that can be erected whenever needed during sex. Sometimes with age or a problem, the penis becomes impaired, and eventually, erectile dysfunction occurs.

Of course, you do not want to experience this condition and hope the desire can continue to function as it should. Therefore, take good care of the desire so that its physical function does not decrease quite a lot and men can still enjoy sex to the fullest.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is one of the most frightening words or phrases for men. How not, if they get hit by this disorder, their intimate life will be destroyed. The chances of getting offspring quickly decreased.

Diseases that cause men not to have an erection perfectly or maintain it happen for many reasons.

Ways To Protect From Erectile Dysfunction

Watch what you eat

Watch what you eat well. Do not just eat if you want to maintain an erection perfectly. Stay away from fatty foods and too coconut milk. Fried foods, various sweet foods, too fast food should be avoided properly.

Better you cook yourself and enjoy healthy food. Fruits & vegetables so that the body will get a number of vitamins that help maintain a perfect erection.

Spicy food is delicious and can increase appetite well. However, if consumed in excess, it can cause many problems ranging from problems related to the stomach.

Stays away from foods that are too spicy at least don’t eat them a few days or hours before love. Expand foods that can increase libidos such as seafood or healthy vegetable fats such as avocados.

Maintain good weight

Maintain body weight in ideal conditions or at least not become obese. If you are obese, the possibility of disorders of the penis will be great. Testosterone levels in the body decrease and fat around the abdomen will interfere with blood flow to the body running perfectly.

Avoid high blood pressure & cholesterol

Men should also stay away from the high blood pressure they have. If you have a history of hypertension, watch what you eat and don’t stay up late. Furthermore, stay away from things that can trigger the appearance of cholesterol in the body.

Regularly exercise

Exercise regularly every day. Your chances of feeling penile diseases will be below. The purpose is when doing regular exercise, blood flow in the body.

Decreased function of the Desire can be caused by the decreased physical condition of the man. This physical condition can increase fat levels in the body, especially the Desire and buttocks area.

An increase in fat will decrease a man’s overall performance during sex, as well as a decrease in testosterone. This condition of excessive fat can be lowered easily if men exercise regularly every day.

Doing exercise regularly also boosts testosterone in the body.

Avoid alcohol

In alcohol, several toxins can interfere with the blood circulation that comes to the penis. If you experience impaired blood flow in desire will be difficult to maintain an erection perfectly.

If you want performance in bed to continue to be great and not experience a decline, reduce smoking and alcohol. These two things can cause considerable disturbances, especially in the ability of men to have an erection.

Cigarettes contain quite a lot of free radicals. These free radicals can enter the blood and affect blood flow to the Desire. If the flow to the penis does not go well, men will experience impotence, and physical function will be disrupted.

Do kegel exercises

Do Kegel exercises well. Doing Kegel exercises will make the pelvic muscles that control erections work optimally. This exercise does not necessarily make men get a maximum erection, but the healing is slow, and the results are permanent.

Kegel exercises are similar to holding urine. The muscles used to hold urine are properly trained to increase their strength, Vidalista, Vidalista 40, or Vidalista 60 can help improve erection or maintain it.

Quality sleep

So far, men have always been indifferent to the condition and quality of their sleep. As long as they sleep for 2-3 hours a day, they are fine. Even staying up late is often done every day, even though the side effects are many. Men will feel fat and do not concentrate on work. Besides that, the function of the Desire will decrease.

This decrease in the quality of the desire can occur because the body is too stressed, so it is very difficult to produce testosterone optimally. tadalista, the libido of men will decrease slowly and interfere with sexual and reproductive function.

Change lifestyle

Change your healthy lifestyle to be better than before. This lifestyle will make men healthier overall as well as sexually healthy. The Desire will still be able to erect perfectly even though the man is not young anymore. Improve your lifestyle, start not smoking and avoid harmful activities such as staying up late.

Of the several ways to do desire care above, which ones have you done and still maintain until now? Let’s continue to take good care of the health so as not to regret it later.