Yoga Planks – Best Exercise To Have Impressive Core Strength

The plank is a simple and effective yoga exercise that helps you develop impressive core strength. It helps you develop overall stability and impressive strength throughout your body. There are different methods for you to do the Plank exercise. You should enroll in a beginners yoga retreat to learn and practice Planks.

One thing you should be clear about is the Plank is more like an extended push-up pose without the need of shifting your body weight up and down. However, you should follow the right body posture and alignment before starting with the Plank. But, first health tests online  let us find out what makes the Plank a great core workout.

What Makes Planks So Special?

Planks are often the most sought-after form of core exercise for many. These provide your core muscles a good workout. In short, it is the best cardio yoga for beginnersyou can make a part of your everyday routine.

With that said, given below is what makes Planks a great exercise.

The Planks are a body weight exercise, which means you do not need any special equipment to do this exercise. Moreover, these work on multiple muscles in your body and that makes it all the more appealing when it comes to developing strength and endurance. It is what makes Plank an effective cardio exercise. The best part is even kids can start doing Planks at a young age and doing so will help them develop rock solid muscles as they grow up.

With that said, let us check out how you can practice the Planks.

Steps To Practice Planks

  • Come onto all fours. Bring your shoulders over your wrists, spread your fingers, and keep your middle finger pointing in the forward direction.
  • Press your hands into the yoga mat, stable your upper arms and keep them facing each other.
  • Suck your lower belly in and up.
  • Extend your one leg back with the toes tucked and then the other leg. Make sure you come to a higher push-up position. Your body has to form a straight line.
  • Slide your shoulder blades down and along the spine. Stabilize them into the back and press the space between your shoulder blades up and towards the ceiling.
  • Engage your thigh muscles and lengthen the tailbone towards your heels.
  • Push the floor with the palm of your hands. Imagine pressing your heels against a wall.
  • Bring your legs together without moving them. It helps you develop core strength and stability.
  • Look towards the floor and keep your jaws relaxed. Breath slowly and steadily.
  • Remain in this position for 5 breaths.
  • Push yourself into the Downward Facing Dog.

That being said, there are some major benefits to regularly doing Planks.

4 Reasons You Should Do Yoga Planks

As stated above, the Plank Pose offers your core muscles a solid workout. However, it offers numerous other benefits.

1. Works On Spinal Muscles

The muscles that run the length of your spine in a vertical way, the spinal extensors keep your back straight and aligned. Engaging your core during Plank Pose contracts and strengthens the core muscles. In the long run, stronger spinal extensors help alleviate back pain.

2. Develops Stronger Triceps

As you push your arms into the ground, your triceps contracts as your arms balances itself to hold the body’s weight. You have to rotate the triceps inwards towards each other as you push the arms away from the shoulder sockets and into the floor.

Stronger triceps lead to the creation of stronger triceps-biceps partnership for practicing challenging yoga poses. Enroll in a reputed beginners yoga retreat to learn more about this yoga asana.

3. Strengthens Wrists & Hands

Your wrists and hands contain numerous intrinsic muscles. These develop strength and stamina from numerous activities like opening a tight jar or playing racket sports.

In Plank Pose, your wrists bend towards the top of your forearm. With so much flexion and pressure, the muscles and tendons become flexible and develop strength.

4. Tones Your Buttocks

It is important to engage your Gluteus muscles during the Plank Pose. It helps you maintain a neutral hip extension and pelvis position to counteract the sagging of pelvis bone due to gravity. Enroll in a reputed kundalini yoga schoolto learn the best way to practice yoga planks.


Planks are the best exercise to strengthen and tone your entire body. Enroll in a reputed yoga teacher certification to learn everything about this yoga pose.

Planks strengthen your core muscles and improve their stability. Enroll in a certified yoga teacher certification to learn about this yoga asana.