Medical Astrology: The relationship between Health & Astrology Explained!

Many people think that the art of the astrology is only used to make different kind of predictions related to life or future. But, here they can be proved wrong because the art of astrology can be used to solve each and every problem of your life. And the best example for this is the service of astrology used in the field of medical. It is said that this art of the astrology is also used in the field of astrology. It is also said that the art of the astrology can help you to solve your different kind of problem in your life. And it also said that it is being used in this field since very ancient period. When the scientific medicines and treatments was not available at that period this art of the astrology was used in order provide treatment.

Know how does astrology predicts diseases:-

Do you want to know that how art of astrology diagnoses about any diseases? Then the details are provided below:-

  • On any particular period of the time if your any particular planet is facing any kind of negative energy they you can face the period of the disease.
  • If the male planets enters into female based planets like Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces then you can get very dangerous disease.
  • When any point or period of time unfavorable planes enters in ascendant, then you can pose the problem of disease.
  • If sun, moon and the ascendant get together then it makes the predictions of death.

So, this was the process of astrology from which can diagnose any kind of disease. It is said that in this field of medical astrology Kundali is playing very important role. So, as people knows that the Kundali is having the part called as houses and out of them some houses which are showing different parts on your body are shown below:-

  • 1st House: This house shows complexion of your body, capability of your mind, face, etc.
  • 2nd House: This house shows different parts of your body the parts like nose, finger, tongue, ears, throat, teeth, etc.
  • 3rd House: This house shows Hand, lungs, growth of body, bone related to hands, etc.
  • 4th House: This house is said to be very important in compare to any other house it includes matter like chest, breast, ribs, lungs, ending time of life, etc.
  • 5th House: This house shows heart, mind, spinal cord, etc.
  • 6th House: This house also called as the house of the disease because, this house of Kundali shows or indicates the illness. And it indicates the parts like Stomach, kidneys, intestines, kidneys, etc.
  • 7th House: This house shows the body parts like Skin, bladder, waist, groin, etc.
  • 8th House: The eight house of the Kundali is well known as the house of the death. Because, disease caused by this house can be solved only by your death. And this house of Kundali shows Incurable diseases, Urinary organs, Uterus, Ovaries, Prostate glands, Anus, etc.
  • 9th House: This house shows the body parts like Hips, Nerves, Thighs, Limbs, etc.
  • 10th House: This house of Kundali shows the parts of body like Knees, Joints, Bones, Flesh, etc.
  • 11th House: This house shows the body parts like Legs, Blood circulation, ankles, Left ear, etc.
  • 12th House: This house is said to be representing the conditions of hospitalization and this house shows the body parts like Toes, Left eye, hospitalization, death, Blood, etc.

So, this was the interpretations of house which affects or shows different parts of the body. And due to this reason when phase any problem in any part then it can be directly identified by the astrologers that you are facing that problem due to which reason. As, Kundali is affecting  this aspect then it is obvious the different planets will also have different effects over your health. And out of them, some are mentioned below:-

  • Planet Sun
  • Planet Moon
  • Planet Mercury
  • Planet Venus
  • Planet Mars
  • Planet Jupiter
  • Planet Saturn
  • Planet Rahu
  • Planet Ketu

So, these were some of the planets which affect your body’s health. This was the information about the art of astrology, which is being used by the Indian astrologers under the head of Vedic astrology. This cause of the astrology is present in each and every culture’s astrology because, health is said to be such a part of life which affect each and every being living in this whole world and due to this reason different cultures have developed their own way to take the cure of different kind of diseases. So, if you feel interested and want to know more about this cause of life, then you should instantly contact to Astrologer in Ahmedabad who is well known for his service of astrology.